Brenda Barber

Executive Director


A Musician and Information Technology Consultant, Brenda works in partnership with Izzy Getzov and the Little Rock Winds Board of Directors to realize the artistic, financial, and operational goals of the organization.


She sets strategy for key areas of operations and ensures that the work of Little Rock Winds is aligned with its mission and vision. She manages all aspects of the non-profit, ensuring high-quality operation of finances, administration, concert productions, fundraising, marketing/PR, and general operations.


Additionally, she ensures quality of service to Little Rock Winds musicians, donors, and supporters.


Brent Walker

Concert Announcer


Each Little Rock Winds Concert is brought to life in more detail by the colorful commentary from Brent Walker.


After giving up on piano lessons at 11, Walker spent several years holding down the third-chair clarinet section in his high school band. It didn’t take revelation to suggest to him that a music career wasn’t in the offing. He sold the clarinet, ritually burned his box of broken reeds and turned to the microphone.


Walker has navigated the world of professional voice acting for 25 years, and owns and operates Soundscapes — considered one of the most successful media sound production companies in the country. Yet even after enjoying success in the world of voice acting, he readily admits still getting all goosebumpy when the wind symphony’s clarinet section holds forth.

Board of Directors


Jack Blackshear, MD
Sharon Burrall
John W. “Jack” Myers
Tom Bridgers
Jim Hunt
Michael Paulus
Molly Reed
Executive Director
Brenda Barber
Associate Conductor
Michael Chance, DMA
Jason Brannon
Properties Manager
Rick Stein
Stage Manager
Greg Lindstrom
Donor Correspondent
Robert McQuade